Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Last Couple of Months

So i know that back in June I said that we were moving to Salem. My parents decided that we would move when our spanish fork house sold. Well 5 months later and the house still hasn't sold. My mom is sick of having to keep the house clean for people to walk through so we are going to move into the new house this weekend regardless if the house is sold or not. So because we haven't sold the old house we don't have enough money to fix the downstairs so guess what? ya i'm stuck upstairs till it sells. Ugh, but oh well it will sell soon (see how im trying to stay positive:D)

Not much else is new with me high school is going great i have amazing teachers and friends. I can't believe its already a fourth of the way done. I have exactly one month left to be a mia-maid (ya that means i'll be 16 in a month WAHOO!) Sophie is now 7 months old. It sure is crazy how time flys. Alora lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago and another one last week. Her second one has a great story behind it but thats another post in its self. Lynnae is on Turning Points competition team for dance this year. Im so proud that she would take that much time out of her week for something she loves. I'm not really sure whats up with my other sisters. I know Nicole is working really hard this year to prepare for next years school Volleyball tryouts.

This is Alora in the spot where she lost her Second tooth.

Well my new goal is to start writting more about my high school life so I'll be posting more often now!

Friday, June 12, 2009


So with the move and everything my computer hasn't been working the same. So I finally got over to my mom's work to post some pictures of my new puppy. As you can tell we named her Sophie she is an all black yorkie-poo. She is 11 weeks old although these pictures of her are from when she was 7 and 9 weeks old. She has been alot of fun. She gets her first hair-cut on saturday so i will try to post some pictures of her after that.

Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Moving!!!!

So my mom and step dad have been looking for a house in salem and we finally found one over by foothills elemntary school that we really liked so they put an offer on it awhile ago and we just heard back from the bank that we got the house!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Puppy Update!

so we have decided to get the all black one. We can take her home the day after memorial day but im not sure if my dad is going to make us wait another week. I am crossing my fingers he doesn't! We went and saw them last week and they are getting so big. They had just gotten their first bath it was so cute! They were all romping around and playing with us. She has her teeth in now and was chasing my finger around trying to bite them. I also think that all puppies have some weird fasination with painted toes cuz she wouldn't leave them alone. It was adorable! They are about the size of my hand now and are getting really big. I can't wait to take her home and cuddle with her its going to be so much fun and before you guys start telling me about all of the bad things about puppies i know about the potty training and am not looking forward to that but just like with babies you don't like all of the nasty dipers you still love the baby.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So my mom is getting a puppy! I am way excited but also sad cuz i still have to wait 6 weeks or so till we can bring it home. The puppy is a Yorkie-Poo (yorkie poodle mix)we still haven't decided which one we are getting but I really want the one that’s black with the markings on its face and paws.
(Sorry about the blurriness these were taken with my dads phone.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Fundraiser!

Its time for another fundraiser! This time i have Papa Murphy's cards they have allot of great deals on it. I'm selling them for 5$ if you pay in advance and 6$ if you pay me after because i have to buy them my self and i don't want to get stuck with a bunch of extra's.

The card has 3 50% off any pizza when you buy one at regular price,3 $2.00 off any pizza! any size!, 2 $1.99 Cinnamon Wheel, 2 Add a Salad for $3.99, and 2 Cheesy Bread or Cookie Dough for $1.99.
It's really a great deal and I am still way too far from paying for my summer tour. If any of you would like to purchase one of these give me a call @ 794-9415 or 822-7766.
Thanks in advance!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I just realized how boring I am! Nothing exciting has happened to me in forever. Right now i basically eat sleep and go to school, sounds exciting don't it:) Today in my History class we had a fiesta cuz we are learning about Latin America right now. Anyways we played the "Limbo" and did the macarena (we were supposed to learn how to salsa dance but the kid that was going to teach it was sick.) Then we had a bunch of Latin American food and drinks. It was allot of fun to "party" with my 6th period class.

In choir we just had our annual Choir Retreat where we learn about what we are going to do on tour this year and I'm way excited for that now (especially now that I don't have to pay an extra 100$ for a passport.)

Yesterday our YW had church ball. This game was probably the most exciting game i have ever played it was tied and we had 15 seconds left and we didn't score we went into overtime and we scored. Then right after they scored :( time ran out and we were stuck in double over time! They scored with 1 min left and we just couldn't pull one more shot off. So even though we lost it was a victorious game for us cuz we normally lose by at LEAST 15 points. I was so proud of our ward. Good Job Girls!!

Well for now thats all i really have to say. Hope everyone is having fun and enjoying life.